• 1 , good hygiene performance: do not add PE pipe machining heavy metal salt stabilizer , material non-toxic , non- fouling layer , no bacteria , solves the secondary pollution of drinking water in the city 。

    2 , excellent corrosion resistance : Except for a few strong oxidant, corrosion resistant variety of chemical media ; no electrochemical corrosion.

    3 , long life : at rated temperature and pressure conditions , PE pipe can be used safely for more than 50 years 。

    4 , good impact resistance : PE pipe toughness, high impact strength , heavy direct pressure over the pipeline , will not lead to pipeline rupture .

    5 , Reliable connectivity : PE pipe hot melt or fused interface strength is higher than the pipe body , the joints do not move or live loads due to soil role disconnected.

    6 , good construction performance: light pipe , welding process is simple, convenient construction , engineering, and lower total cost . Pipe connection .

    7 , electric welding : the use of special electric welder would melt straight pipe with a straight pipe , straight pipe and pipe fittings to connect 。

    pipe applications:
    1、water works
    2、agricultural irrigation and drainage works

     pipe Features:
    1 , health, non-toxic : This product is a green building materials , can be used for pure water , drinking water piping systems.

    2 , corrosion , scaling : avoid pipeline corrosion caused by basin , bathtub macular rust worries, can avoid pipeline corrosion and scaling caused by the blockage.

    3 , high temperature , high pressure : piped water temperature up to 95 ℃.

    4 , thermal insulation : thermal conductivity is only 1/200 of metal pipes , hot water pipe insulation for excellent energy saving effect 。

    5 , appearance : Product outer wall smooth , fluid resistance , soft colors and beautiful shape.

    6 , easy installation and reliable: using hot melt connection , a few seconds to complete , safe and reliable.

    7 , Long life : Under the provisions of long-term continuous working pressure , the service life of more than 50 years。


    PPR pipe application areas :
    1、building hot and cold water systems, including central heating systems;

    2、the building heating system , including flooring , siding and radiant heating systems;

    3、can be directly purified drinking water supply systems;

    4、Central ( centralized ) air-conditioning systems;

    5、transfer or discharge of chemical mediators such as industrial piping systems。


    polybutene (PB) pipe features:
    1, light weight , good flexibility , PB weight of galvanized steel pipe , 1/ 20 , easy handling, soft material , the minimum bend radius is 6D (D: tube diameter )

    2 , good durability , non-toxic and harmless : because it is a high density polymer , the molecular structure of stable life of up to 50-100 years, and non-toxic , does not react .

    3 , UV , corrosion : PB pipe against UV and microorganisms , and which can be stored for long periods without deterioration .

    4 , antifreeze heat resistance : -20 ℃ in the case , and has good low temperature impact resistance , pipe not cracking , after thawing , pipes can be restored to their original , can withstand high temperatures below 100 ℃ 。

    5 , the wall is smooth , no scaling : comparison with galvanized pipe to increase water flow by 30%.

    6 , the heat stretchability , advanced connection: PB stretchable heat pipe metal pipe about 1/60, and coefficient of expansion similar to concrete . Connection for the integration of hot melt connection, so when buried , to avoid due to temperature changes and water hammer caused by leaking pipes and connections for mobile .

    7 , save energy : PB pipe for low temperature radiant floor heating , which can save energy 30%.

    8 , easy maintenance, alteration : When PB pipe Buried , not with concrete bonding.

    PAP5 tube features:
    1、excellent thermal stability and long-term pressure resistance ;
    2、excellent thermal stability and long-term pressure resistance ;
    3、excellent thermal stability and long-term pressure resistance ;
    4、RPAP5 double hot-melt tube can melt connection , easy installation and maintenance。


    PVC drainage main features:
    1, light weight, convenient transportation and handling: small density, easy handling, loading and unloading, and construction.

    2, excellent corrosion resistance: excellent acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, chemical industry for the purpose very fit.

    3, fluid resistance: pipe wall is smooth, the roughness coefficient of only 0。009, fluid resistance, effectively improve the hydraulic conditions pipe network, reducing system operating costs。

    4, the mechanical strength: the pipe has good pressure resistance, impact resistance and tensile strength properties。

    5, does not affect the water quality ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ confirmed by the dissolution test does not affect the water quality, suitable for large scale applications。

    PVC drainage applications:
    1、civil construction, industrial construction of the indoor water supply, the water system.
    2、ivil construction, industrial construction of the indoor water supply, the water system.
    3、urban water supply piping system
    4、water treatment plant piping systems
    6、garden irrigation, drilling and other construction and other industrial pipe.

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