• 1, good hygiene performance: do not add PE pipe machining heavy metal salt stabilizer, material non-toxic, non-fouling layer, no bacteria, solves the secondary pollution of drinking water in the city.

    2, excellent corrosion resistance: Except for a few strong oxidant, corrosion resistant variety of chemical media; no electrochemical corrosion.

    3, long life: at rated temperature and pressure conditions, PE pipe can be used safely for more than 50 years.

    4, good impact resistance: PE pipe toughness, high impact strength, heavy direct pressure over the pipeline, will not lead to pipeline rupture。

    5, Reliable connectivity: PE pipe hot melt or fused interface strength is higher than the pipe body, the joints do not move or live loads due to soil role disconnected。

    6, good construction performance: light pipe, welding process is simple, convenient construction, engineering, and lower total cost. Pipe connections:

    7, electric welding: the use of special electric welder would melt straight pipe with a straight pipe, straight pipe and pipe fittings to connect。


    1, light weight, convenient transportation and handling: small density, easy handling, loading and unloading, and construction.

    2, excellent corrosion resistance: excellent acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, chemical industry for the purpose very fit.

    3, fluid resistance: pipe wall is smooth, the roughness coefficient of only 0.009, fluid resistance, effectively improve the hydraulic conditions pipe network, reducing system operating costs.

    4, the mechanical strength: the pipe has good pressure resistance, impact resistance and tensile strength properties。

    5, does not affect the water quality ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ confirmed by the dissolution test does not affect the water quality, suitable for large scale applications.


    PVC drainage applications:
    1、civil construction, industrial construction of the indoor water supply, the water system.
    2、residential district, factory buried water supply system
    3、urban water supply piping system.
    4、water treatment plant piping systems.
    6、garden irrigation, drilling and other construction and other industrial pipe..

  • 1 , low temperature resistance : the product resistance to low temperature -40 ℃。

    2 , easy to transport : Due to the nature of its materials and composite structures can be set into roll tube packaging, light weight, easy to transport and carry.

    3, the construction is simple : the tube can be cut on site , free bending deformation does not rebound , the installation tool is simple . Because plastic pipe can be bent to reduce the amount of joints , connections using prefabricated fittings copper fittings, without suppress thread .

    4 , the use of safety : pipe directly inserted into the prefabricated pipe fittings, connections are tight , snap fastening 。 Whether gas or liquid , no leakage , and tensile compressive, not moving , and other external forces influence 。

    5 , Health and Safety : inner and outer layers of pure polyethylene , do not use any recycled materials , corrosion , scale and does not accumulate microbial growth , the middle layer of aluminum , the absolute absence of air and other gases permeate , which is used as medical oxygen and other fluid transport, health and safety is fully guaranteed.

    6 , long life : the normal life of more than 50 years .

    Dedicated gas pipe applications:
    1、 compressed air, oxygen delivery tube . ( Oxygen barrier completely eliminate infiltration )
    2、gas pipes , gas pipes . ( Simple construction, easy to bend , less joints , anti-static )


    1, cold performance: Insert the appropriate MG PNV PVC conduit bending spring in the tube at room temperature can be manually threading pipe bent into a desired angle with a one-time, no other treatment。

    2, high compression performance: MG PNV heavy PVC pipe threading Maximum Pressure up to 1250N, it can be dark spreads concrete, not compression damage.

    3, flame retardant insulation: That would be self-extinguishing flame tubes leave within 30 seconds; and pipes can withstand AC2000V, 50Hz AC without breakdown, the insulation resistance is more than 100MΩ.

    4, moisture resistant: each connection pipe with PVC adhesive bonding required, can be infiltrated water inside the tube, moisture effect, it will not be various pH and salt corrosion.

    PVC threading applications:
    The main strength of the cable identification sheaths for home improvement

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