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Service concept:Customer satisfaction is our mission

Service Policy:responsible for customers,for enterpise,for ourselves

Service Mission:Timely 、Thoughtful、Effective、Intimate
Service principles:Customer first

 "Full advisory service system" is through the sales process,before,during and after sale,based on CRM information platform , as the center of hotline, focusing on customer needs, timely and efficienttly solve problem.

 Provide on-site technical services, users in the initial installation of heating, water supply system or burst pipe system problems, ready to provide technical guidance. For any technical, construction and use of consumers, we will provide you with a complete solution for the first time

Provide fast installation services, to provide consumers with fast on-site installation and maintenance services in the service area to ensure that arrived at the scene within 24 hours.

Provide lifelong commitment to quality service, the use of the pipeline Almighty grant the user "Quality Commitment Card" and build a complete user profile, is committed to providing quality services for life

Based on CRM information platform, and the 400 hotline focus on customer needs, timely and efficiently solve problem。


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